Lee Janovitz, CPA

I learned at a very young age I wanted to help people with math, and in college I realized I could do that by being an Accountant and CPA. I received my Bachelor of Science with a major in Accounting from Ohio State. Lets go Buckeyes! Them while working full time, I obtained my MBA with CPA from Cleveland State!

I created Lee Janovitz & Associates in 2012 with the dream to help others achieve their financial dreams and goals. I am blessed with a lot of energy and I have confidence in everything I put my mind to. However, this does not mean I am successful all the time, but the right attitude goes a long way. I believe in being authentic hard working, having perseverance, and a positive friendly attitude. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports and playing sports. I have found that it is my passion to help others make a living, and I only hope to continue to grow to help even more people achieve their financial dreams.

Some people ask why but I prefer to ask why not?


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Our History

Lee Janovitz & Associates LLC started from the dream of being an Accountant and CPA. A few months after graduation from his MBA and CPA, Lee was offered a position as a Chief Financial Officer of a hospital. As a Chief Financial officer, Lee was able to utilize many of the skills he had learned from previous positions but, was also able to implement the skills he obtained through his Masters Degree. One of these being a number of cost effective systems that enabled the hospital to maximize its profit margin on a unit by unit basis. Lee realized that in order to make an impact in the healthcare industry, he needed to move over to the Insurance/reimbursement side of healthcare. Managed Care was in its infancy, and Lee was needed to develop networks of providers throughout the country and develop contracts. Lee was able to establish contracts with thousands of providers, of which many networks today still have contracts that were originally developed by Lee. As the healthcare delivery system developed, Lee realized that he wanted to build a business that could help individuals and small business’s reach their financial goals. Lee truly wanted to be in a position to help those who do not have financial skills or knowledge to not only get out of any financial trouble, but to also assist people in achieving their dreams. Lee wanted to be able to offer services such as being a financial advisor, CPA, and accountant to help individual partnerships, Corporate or just individuals meet their financial dreams. In six years of business, Lee has become a top rated accountant, CPA, and financial advisor. Lee has helped a number of people out with significant tax issues, tax returns, Sub S Formation, found significant cost/expense savings for a number of business’s developed business plans, set up a number of 501(c)(3) organizations, health care claim reviews, individual partnership, and much more. Lee hopes in the next 10 years he will continue to grow but more importantly continue to help impact peoples financial lives in a positive way.